Our Lakes

Welcome to central Wisconsin!

Adams and Juneau counties host the 2nd and 4th largest inland lakes in WI.

  • Castle Rock Lake is the 4th largest with 13,600 acres.
  • Petenwell Lake is the 2nd largest with 23,000 acres.
  • Castle Rock Lake is the more popular for the number of lakeside restaurants and development along its shores.
  • However, many prefer Petenwell for its larger expanse and less traffic.
  • Both are known for bass, walleye, musky, and a variety of pan fish.
  • Both are great for boating and water-skiing, although water depths vary throughout both lakes.
  • Both are part of the WI River chain of lakes, with Petenwell just north of Castle Rock.
  • As there is a working dam between the 2 lakes, you must trailer your boat to travel from one to the other.
  • Water levels will vary throughout the summer, as they are regulated by the DNR through these dams.
  • Because these lakes are so large, the DNR requires rip-rap along the shoreline (larger boulders) to prevent erosion.
  • Our waterfront homes on these lakes do not have beaches at the property, however well-maintained public beaches are within 5 min drive.
  • Some have life-guards and require a day-use pass, others are free beaches.
  • We have homes that are on the main body of water, and homes on channels off the main body.
  • The bottom of the lakes are typically sandy-bottom for those homes on the main body.
  • Many of our renters enjoy swimming at the piers of those homes on the main body of water.
  • Swimming at the piers is at your own risk.
  • Swimming is not recommended at homes in channels or protected bays.
  • Because of the immense size of these lakes, winds can quickly cause high waves at a moment’s notice.
  • Boats must be removed nightly from piers on the main body of water for this reason.
  • We do have homes on channels or at protected bays at which you can typically leave your boat overnight, however, you are most often sacrificing view and swimming for this amenity.
  • If you are looking to rent a boat, you may visit our website under Attractions/ Boat Rentals for phone numbers of businesses that rent boats … recommend a 2-week advance reservation during the busy season.
  • As water levels will vary, depth at piers will vary throughout the season as regulated by the DNR.
  • Many will fish directly from piers at the homes, but again, there will be times when the water depth at shoreline will become shallow.
  • Some homes along our lakes have deeded rights to the shoreline, others have a 100’ set-back from water’s edge and must be left in its natural state (whether wooded or natural vegetation growth).
  • Typically, homes with a 100’ set-back have a conservancy path for public access across it along the shoreline, which is maintained by either the DNR or the power company.
  • These homes typically have use of a community pier system with one designated boat slip.
  • Homes with deeded rights to the shoreline typically have private piers.
  • As with all lakes throughout the Midwest, our lakes are subject to algae bloom which can occur at anytime under the right conditions.
  • As with all lakes under DNR regulation, weeds/ lily pads will continue on their natural growth pattern in some areas throughout the season and are not allowed to be removed by the public owners.
  • No refunds are given due to natural changes in our lakes or landscape or water levels.


Please enjoy your stay in our area and the
varied amenities our lakes have to offer!